Texas is known as the Lonestar state. State that pride itself on long open roads all over the state, perfect for motorcyclists. There are a lot of scenic routes and highways that capture the vast Texas landscape. You will enjoy the wonderful Amarillo region, the Texas vast desert plains that are found at the very top of Texas. There is the hill country area that will remind you of California – located in Central Texas. The beginning of mountains towards the deep east area of Texas. 

We have found a road that we think are best for riding motorcycles. Let’s go through the best routes in our lovely Home State of Texas.

1. The Three Sisters (AKA The Twisted Sisters)

When you ride through this place, you will love the scenes and the state at large. The scenery that you will get through this place is unique and beautiful. You will come across clear rivers, twisty mountain curves and also real Texas ranches. For instance, you will come across the famous Nueces River found on ranch RD 335. Be aware of the sharp turns that the road has. Travel with a slow speed.


2. Guadalupe River Road

The road has been designed to sweep back and forth through the famous Guadalupe River that has been designed with low bridges. If you are not an experienced biker – there is the alternative rout of 306. During the offseason, you will realize that most people miss the entrance. It goes south from the Canyon Lake at FM 2673. It has been made with gentle bends and turns, and also some sharp turns. You are advised to use slow speeds because of the limited sight distance. There are alot off-road camping locations available, and places to stop and sightsee. During heavy rain – the low bridges may be flood. Do not cross those bridges if there is water.


3. Bend Region – Rio Grande River Road

 We suggest starting out at Alpine and work your way south – on hwy 118. This is Texas, where the mountain ranges start and are very beautiful. Since there are no city lights this is perfect for stargazing. Once you hit Big Ben Resort head west on 170 – this will take you along the Mexican border. You will be along some high mountain peaks. 

Some spots you will be able to see the Texas State Flower – Bluebonnets covering fields making the hills look blue and smell like spring. 


4. Rose Maxwell Scenic Dr to Santa Elena Canyon 

The road starts at the Big Bend national park and ends at the Santa Elana Canyon Overlook and Trial. Taking the road called Rose Maxwell Scenic Dr. you are going to see the weeping Vistas of semi-arid desert, cliffs and also mountains. The best rock formations are in Big Bend. You will come across the incredible cliffs that divide the US from Mexico. Suggesting times to go is spring or fall. It may be too hot during the summer time to enjoy these view.


5. Rocksprings to Camp Wood on TX Route 55

It is one of the best roads that you can come across Texas. Once a dirt road it now has two lanes in each direction. Start at Rocksprings and head south. The grades and also the sweeping curves makes it one of the best roads for the motorcyclist in Texas. If your hungry, get a bite to eat in Rocksprings before getting on the windy road towards Barksdale.

6. The Red River Cruise

One of the unique things that come with this road is that it starts and also ends at Denton. Through the road, you will enjoy the best scenery like the hills, and the beauty of the country side. From the NW you will approach the ci-fi like wind power generation farm as you enjoy the beautiful scenes there.

7. Hippie Hollow Horror

The road starts at the four points – the Texas that’s outside the NW of the Austin. From here it runs to the northwest and also skirts through the north edge of Lake Travis. Some of the best scenes that you will come across includes the County line BBQ found on the Colorado River. The road has some curves that will even need a motorist to go at speeds of 10mph to make negotiations. I’m not sure why they have named it the ‘horror’ride. 

8. The Possum Kingdom Lake Ride

The road is just around 60 miles west of Dallas. You will come across lots of mountain views, ride through the Possum Kingdom lake at that point, you will see beautiful picturesque lake and cliff views. Take Tx hwy 16 south – Option is to take Park Rd south along Possum kindom Lake. The road has a mix of straight-ways and also twisted turns to help you keep you alert – but still able to enjoy riding. Be familiar with the road directions before heading out. 

9. Hill Country Back Roads

The route to this great route starts at Marble falls. It is found about 35 miles from the west parts if Cedar Park. One caution that you need to remember is that the road has been for having a laid back scenic kind of route. That means that high speeds are not going to be encouraged. The route ends at Largo Vista.

For the months of April-May, The bluebonnet gives the best viewing and perfect to smell the Bluebonnets for miles. It is a quite country farm town that has plenty of places that you can go to, stop and even take pictures. It is a road that is well maintained but also with plenty of twists, hills, turns and even flat straight ways. If you want to rest, you will also enjoy the good accommodations that are there.

 10. Texas Park Road 4

To the West of Burnet is Buchanan Lake and south Colorado River heads south to Inks Lake State Park. You just take the road off of Hwy 29 and follow it south. It starts at Lake Buchanan and ends at hwy 285. The road has beautiful scenes of hills and two lakes. You will also enjoy your ride through the deep valleys and hills. At the end of the ride there wont be homes for miles since the state owns most of the land. 

These routes have the best of scenes fir riders. The best thing is that they are scenic and breath taking – stay alert during heavy traffic, allowing motorists to enjoy their time as they go from one place to another. The roads are made well. What you need to check is your speed. This is because if the curves and bends that are tight. 

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