Drunk Driver Claims ___ June 28, 2022

Drunk Driver Claims Act

Even though some people may take chances driving intoxicated all of the time, they may not be aware of the immense opportunities for problems occurring from the decisions that they make. This is one of the main reasons why organizations around the globe that fight against these issues are looking for ways to stop this activity altogether. Mainly because the ending results of these kinds of drivers may involve fatalities for the driver and the victim that is in harm’s way, also, due to the gravity of the problems that drunk driving can cause, different charges can be filed against the drunk driver. Hence, here are just a few of the most commonly known provided for you below.

Civil Suits Filed Against the Drunk Driver

Injuries sustained in a drunk driving accident are usually the topic of discussion for those people who want to take the offender to court. While the drunk driver is held to a certain amount of responsibility in criminal proceedings, it is also important to note that the possibility of civil suits can be a part of the action that is taken against this type of driver too. Therefore, if the victim or the family of the victim has suffered financial loss or a fatality due to these circumstances, they can recover a certain amount of restitution and compensation for the loss.

No-Fault States and Drunk Driver Civil Suits

To make sure the person that was the victim of these types of accidents can be compensated for a drunk driver accident, it is also vital that the person reviews the laws of that particular state. Because no-fault states have a cap on when this kind of lawsuit can be brought up legally for compensation, everyone should know what laws and legislation that they fall under.


Knowing what your rights are in a drunk driving accident can make a big difference in what steps you need to take. Because a driver can file for compensation via a civil lawsuit in individual states, it is crucial that everyone does their research to see which laws apply to the circumstances that they are facing.

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