about us

Choosing a local attorney following an accident to represent you and recover damages can be one of the most challenging things you do. We have experience handling personal injury cases and understand the difficulties of recovering compensation. For over 28 years, we have been helping people in our community get back to their life after being injured in an accident. We take all cases seriously and respond to the challenge. Reynaldo Dias is a strategic litigator with an excellent reputation, who listens and responds to his clients.

Our Mission

The mission of Reynaldo Diaz Law Office is to help all clients navigate the legal process of recovering compensation for their injuries. They are committed to focusing on each client’s unique situation and providing strategic legal services.

Why Choose Us?

A native of the South Texas community, Reynaldo Diaz is experienced, knowledgeable and responsive. With his team, he will help you understand your legal situation, explain options and help you make the best decisions. With his years of experience, he is equipped to take the time to listen to your questions and concerns, so that you’re fully informed about your rights and obligations. We are located in Austin, Edinburg, Laredo, and San Antonio, offering services in English and Spanish.



We care about our clients. We will respond to you from one of our 4 locations in English or Spanish. Reynaldo Diaz will sit down with each client and familiarize himself with each client’s predicament.


As a team with you, we will work hard to approach each client’s unique situation with hard work and disciple. We will research and strategize for your case to best represent you.

Work Ethic

Hard work is an attitude we possess and is intrinsically part of what we do. We will work for you using teamwork and determination to serve you best.


“Thanks to Mr. Diaz and his team for their help with getting my case resolved quickly. I am satisfied with the results. I only spoke with Mr. Diaz over the phone, but he was very pleasant, and professional and took an interest in my concerns regarding my case. If you are in need of a personal injury attorney, give Mr. Reynaldo Diaz a call.”

-Destiny Lee


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-Destiny Lee

Have you been injured? Let’s work together.


Mr. Diaz and his team represented my husband and mother-in-law when they were in a car accident. They were extremely helpful throughout the whole process and never left us wondering what the next step was.

Esperanza Ortiz